LTHForum Founders

Michael Nagrant / 05.27.07


Lthforum, the Chicago food forum, is big in Sweden. How big? You’ll just have to listen to find out. During this podcast I sit down with five of Chicago’s culinary tastemakers to celebrate the three year anniversary of their internet chat site, We cover everything from the founding and naming of the forum, to journalistic ethics, to the politics of internet food chat.

It should be noted, that one of the moderaters Aaron Deacon was not present, and that there are five additional founding members who we’re not part of this podcast.

This podcast is definitely for hardcore Chicago foodies, and runs 1 hour 52 minutes. If you want to listen to particular aspects of the podcast, I’ve indexed the discussion below.


0-18:47 Introductions and a discussion of transformative food moments of the LTH crew

18:47-47:09: Hiding behind internet anonymity, the founding of LTH, and can you eat find great regional food items outside of their region of origin?

47:09 – 1 hr 5 min: The forums effect on local media and how the forum got it’s name

1 hr 5 min – 1 hr 22 min: Food Journalism ethics and last meals on earth