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There’s a semi-famous painting called “The Treachery of Images” by Belgian surrealist René Magritte. It’s not as well-known as the artist’s painting of a man in a bowler hat with an apple in front of his face, but you’ve probably seen it. It’s a painting of a pipe with the caption “Ceci n’est pas une pipe,” or in English, “This is not a pipe. Advertisements


Swift & Sons


Fans of the TV show “Hell’s Kitchen” will tell you that preparing beef Wellington is a nightmare for any cook. The dish requires a golden puff pastry wrapper on the outside and a perfectly cooked steak on the inside. Gordon Ramsay, the show’s famously foul-mouthed host, has dubbed many a contestant a “[bleep]ing donkey” for screwing up a Wellington. Had Ramsay dined with me at Swift & Sons, a new steakhouse collaboration between the Boka Restaurant Group (Balena, Boka, Girl & the Goat, Momotaro and more) and B. Hospitality (The Bristol, Balena, Formento’s and Nonna’s), he would have had a field day.



STK, as their website preaches, is not your daddy’s steakhouse. But based on its name and extension of a vowel-challenged spelling paradigm to the menu (Lil’ BRGS, anyone? That’s little burgers, in case you didn’t get it), it’s clearly not a steakhouse for grammarians, either. Relative to Chicago’s rich bounty of steakhouses, STK’s selling points are a multitude of tables grouped really close together and optimized for mingling and regular late-night DJ appearances. All I could really tell before setting foot in the door was that STK was the 10th location of the New York-based chain from The One Group, a purveyor of something called “lifestyle hospitality.” Confused, I set out to discover what it was and, of course, answer the eternal food critic question: Did it SCK or was it AWSM

Prime & Provisions


Prime & Provisions. It sounds like some kind of glamping retreat for investment bankers, right? With its luxury pricing and bevy of dry-aged steaks, that’s not far from the truth, but it’s actually the newest entry in the downtown steakhouse game from Dineamic Group. Though the founders—Luke Stoioff and David Rekhson—might be most known for creating bro-friendly bars Bull & Bear and Public House, their current strategy is to move from bars with good eats to mature, full-fledged restaurants. That brought on the opening of Italian restaurant Siena Tavern with “Top Chef” fan favorite Fabio Viviani in 2013, and now, Prime & Provisions, which opened earlier this month in the Loop

Shop Talk


They say you can’t be all things to all people, but Chop Shop sure is trying. This new addition to Wicker Park is a lunch counter, butcher, bar, restaurant, event space and even makes its own giardiniera.

A Mixed Grill


Everything I know about Colombia can be summed up thusly: Shakira, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Sofia Vergara and Pablo Escobar. Though just as America is not made up of a bunch of hamburger-eating-cowboys , I recognize Colombia is not only about belly-shaking pop singers, Nobel Prize-winning magical realists, buxom brunette bombshells, and cocaine-slinging drug lords. That is why I’d schlepped out to the Dunning neighborhood on Chicago’s northwest side to check out La Parrilla, a new Colombian Steakhouse. I’d hoped to discover more of the culture by eating a little dinner. I did and I didn’t.

Jump Ball


I love Michael Jordan, but I do not like him. I acknowledge that he’s the greatest to step on a basketball court. But, I also grew up in Detroit. He ruined my basketball hopes during the 1990s by defeating my beloved Pistons again and again. He was so competitive that when he was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame, a night he was acknowledged as the greatest player of all time, he took the opportunity to trash-talk pretty much everyone who’d ever slighted him

Everybody Loves Raymond


Dear Raymond, I really don’t like steakhouses. They’re generally exercises in hubris built to prove that you can have asparagus stalks as thick as the forearms of a cage fighter no matter the season.

Hungering for More


This article might suck. Sounds like a set-up? You bet. As a self-respecting writer, one should either skip writing such an article, or just write the article and let the reader decide whether it sucks or not. Similarly, any professional waiter shouldn’t start the night’s service with the following statement: “Hello, I just want to let you know we have twelve large parties tonight, and we’re going to be real busy. Your food order will probably take a long time. Just bear with us and everyone will have fun.”