My Dinner with Johnny


When Vittles & Superiority, the stalwart glossy arbiter of all things edible, calls asking if you’d be willing to document everything you eat for their monthly food diary feature, “Shame to All Others with Stomachs”, you DO NOT say no!

High Dive


After midnight, when the fancy bars have sucked your wallet dry, the classic Chicago corner dive is always there for you.

The Essentials: Spacca Napoli


Jonathan Goldsmith’s pizza makes grown men cry. A few years ago, the owner of Spacca Napoli in Ravenswood got his mozzarella provider to sit down and try one of his Neapolitan pies. Of the experience, the provider wrote: “When I bit into it, it put tears into my eyes and I couldn’t help it. For the first time, food meant something much more to me than just curbing my appetite. In a fraction of a second, the best memories of my Neapolitan life went through my mind.”

You Can Judge a Chef by a Banana


It’s a swelter of a Friday in July, the kind of evening where the heavy air wrings moisture from human pores like water from a dish towel. Inside the cool Alinea dining room, a table of diners scrapes the remnants of tender nuggets of Dungeness crab wrapped in a blanket of sweet pea puree from their plates.