Deli of the Future


Deli food, like sex and barbecue, is very personal. Within minutes of posting a picture of the Uncle Rube Reuben ($13 or $22 “overstuffed”) from Steingold’s, a new deli and cafe in North Center, on Twitter, people harrumphed, “Where’s the beef?”

Killer Pizza


“I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.” — Johnny Cash There is no such murderous scenario at the new Logan Square cafe and restaurant named Reno, but there is killer pizza. Still, the name of the joint is pregnant with meaning. While I ate at Reno, and then while I drove home after dinner, I couldn’t seem to stop humming Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues,” what with that pivotal lyric about a killing in “The Biggest Little City” in the world.