At Last?


Aaat Laaast! You’ve heard it a thousand times, probably in the background of a jewelry commercial where some rich lady’s self-worth is confirmed by the receipt of a humongous diamond necklace. There’s the string section swell followed by the dusky croon of relief from Etta James that her lovelorn days are finally over. It is an earworm of the first order.

Love Nest


I felt like I’d walked into the secret love nest of Hugh Hefner and a crazy old bird lady. I know that sounds crazy. Like why would Hefner shack up with a bird lady?  But, the dude loved quaaludes, so anything is possible. And even if he never did, Bellemore restaurant’s interior design looks like what would have happened if he had.

The Essentials: Original Rainbow Cone


It was her birthright, a rainbow cone. Generations of the Sapp family had been raised on the stuff, and Lynn Sapp, future third-generation owner of Beverly’s Original Rainbow Cone, should be no different. Her grandfather (and the founder) Joseph Sapp opened the Original Rainbow Cone in 1926 near the corner of 92nd Place and Western Avenue, serving multiple generations of Chicagoans a curious combo of five flat slices—not scoops—of chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House (vanilla studded with walnuts and cherries) and pistachio ice cream and orange cream sherbet combined in to a rainbow of layers smushed on top of a wafer-style ice cream cone.