This past winter’s wicked assortment of thunder snow, Siberian temps and polar vortexes had a positive summer legacy. “This last winter was so brutal, we wanted to figure out how to open a place that’s light and breezy and has a summertime feel,” said Scott Worsham, who along with his wife Sari Zernich Worsham (executive director and partner of The Art Smith Company as well as co-writer and executive producer of Charlie Trotter’s cookbooks and TV shows, respectively) own recently-opened restaurant MFK on the border of Lincoln Park and Lakeview. “I have nothing against bourbon, pork or dark rooms. I love those places,” said Worsham, a restaurant veteran. “But, we wondered, can we do something else?

The Real Deal


As a writer, there are things you have to cover and things you want to cover. Kith and Kin restaurant in Lincoln Park was one of those subjects that defied professional obligation. It became a lair that I relished in same the way that a thousand old Chicago journalists once revered the Billy Goat Tavern.

First Bite: Mercat a la Planxa


It’s a tough call on what was more surprising about my Saturday night…the fact that a 190 seat Michigan Avenue hotel restaurant run by a guy who spent the last few years building a culinary empire in Philly was mostly spot on in terms of service and food on a packed opening night, or that later in the night, some dude managed to play the Miley Cyrus song Best of Both worlds on the jukebox in a Greg Louganis super triple flip high dive of Logan Square dive bars without starting a fight. It turns out that it’s the former.