Mindy Friedler & Mark Bires

Michael Nagrant / 07.06.07

Monday, July 9th, Jerry’s Wicker Park (or as we’re calling it: Jerry’s 2:Electric Bugaloo) opens. While owners Mindy Friedler and Mark Bires derisively refer to Jerry’s I as a “Super Subway,” their attention to detail—like using an iceberg and arugula lettuce blend for both crunch and flavor, smoking meats and fish in a log-burning smoker and whipping up homemade condiments like chipotle chutney—make Jerry’s a palace of sandwich craft. Located at 1938 W. Division St., the new place features a more sophisticated design, with handcrafted chandeliers made from serving spoons and a flagstone-style fireplace, a community gathering space and a few anticipated additions to the menu: plated desserts and American craft beers.