Ayun Halliday

Michael Nagrant / 06.28.06

This week I speak with Ayun Halliday, a saucy, hip New York City mama. She’s written a food memoir called Dirty Sugar Cookies, which is a wry romp chronicling Halliday’s path from fussy childhood eater with a “pinched” sense of culinary adventure, to wanderlusting adult chomping on Bahn Mi in Vietnam and Mangosteens in Thailand, and then karmically back to her current role as a mother of her picky eating daughter, Inky. It’s a great read for frustrated parents, gourmands, and even the pickiest of eaters.

In this podcast, we talk about great Bahn Mi in New York, raising picky eaters, ramen noodles, the hazards of writing food memoirs, and more.