Barry Sorkin

Michael Nagrant / 04.29.07

Assert your opinions on BBQ amongst of group of food minded folks, and you’ll likely find yourself embroiled in an Iraq like quagmire regarding the merits of regional variations, spice rubs, and sauce preferences. In an attempt to pitch our own culinary grenade, we caught up with Barry Sorkin of Irving Park’s Smoque BBQ.

In a short time Sorkin and his crew have established themselves as one the generals of Chicago’s ‘cue guard. Sorkin’s traveled the country and made a concerted effort to garner a trove of lessons from some of the best pit masters around. While’s he’s not afraid to break rules, he’s committed to honoring the past, and synthesizing those lessons in to his own Chicago take on a much revered treat. So listen up to this month’s podcast, and smoke em if you got em.


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