Gourmet Super Models

Michael Nagrant / 03.06.06

The super models at Conde Nast are running out of work. Since all the hot celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Kiera Knightley, Terri Hatcher, et al have gobbled up the covers of Glamour, Vogue, and Vanity Fair, what will the bony chain smoking slinky set do? Move to the food magazines of course.

This month’s Gourmet depicts a GQ underwear model and his fair maiden slamming artery clogging pastry and café mochas back dropped by rustic bread loaves in a Montreal bake house.

It might as well be the slopes in Biarritz. The Farewell to Arms scene complete with Boy Hemingway and his trendy Agnes Von Kurowsky is laughable. Agnes is sporting the latest in Eurohobo chic with her ten sizes too large peasant overcoat and turquoise scrubs. All that’s missing is a paisley babushka.

Then there’s the cute snow white yippy dog chillin on her lap. We’re pretty sure that’s against health code violations in any world.

We wonder if the models ran to the bathroom and purged their career ending nibbles of pastry after the shoot.

To be fair, we do think Ruth Reichl has been a good steward of Gourmet. She has focused on sustainable farmers and environmental issues, and has always promoted good food. Reichl is also an excellent writer, penning some of the best food memoirs in years, but how did she allow this editorial decision?

We here at Hungry would never be snarky and destructive (unless it was totally called for – say if Kate Moss wrote a food memoir) on purpose, but this is our way of telling you that we started this online food magazine to promote the exact opposite of this month’s Gourmet magazine cover.

Being a Hungry magazine foodster (our non snobby word for foodie) is about smart eating, occasionally going guerrilla style, questioning the norms, and leaving our small dogs at home when we dine.

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