Rosario’s Italian Sausage

Michael Nagrant / 04.19.08

Rosario’s has a serious pig problem. There are little porky tchotchkes on the counter, statues of swine behind the counter, and a few huge piggy bank–looking porkers above the freezer case. Even the neon sign on the front of the building depicts a bunch of happy piglets jumping in to a grinder. Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from one of Chicago’s best Italian sausage makers.

The real celebration of all things porcine here though is the fennel-kissed house made links. They’re so good, you could eat them on a plate naked, with your morning eggs, or clothed only in peppers. But give them a slight grill char, stuff them between a crunchy crusted chewy crumbed roll and slather it with a spicy red sauce and few sweet peppers, and you’ve got a hero of epic proportions.


Address: 8611 South Pulaski Avenue, Chicago IL 60652 (map)
Phone: 773-585-0660