Comparing Xoco’s and Cemita Puebla’s Pork Sandwiches – Street Smarts: We break down a $12 torta by Rick Bayless and a $6 counterpart by a guy you’ve never heard of


I balked when I first saw that Rick Bayless was serving $12 sandwiches at his “street food” spot Xoco. Sure, they were cheaper than a Frontera Grill entrée, and the smoky pork was enveloped by the best bread I’d tasted in the city. But you can score a torta for half the price at many local taquerías, including my favorite: the Cemita milanesa at Cemitas Puebla in Humboldt Park. Is Xoco worth the extra six bucks? You be the judge. (This article first appeared in Chicago magazine in a different form)

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