Has Alton Brown Jumped the Shark?

On a Sunday morning, a few weeks ago, my wife huffily informed me we were out of pancake mix. I said, “No problem, just throw some flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar together.” Exasperated, she said, “Do we have to cook everything here like its 1925?” Advertisements


Super Bowls

For most of us, this year’s Super Bowl was a doleful reminder of last year’s Bears collapse in the big game. Sitting down to watch the Giants battle the Patriots did nothing but stir up 2007’s carnival of failure featuring Lance Briggs’ pre-season hold-out and Lamborghini hijinks, Tank Johnson’s legal woes, Brian Urlacher’s baby-mama drama and press tantrums and Rex Grossman’s ability to make ‘ole neckbeard Kyle Orton look like a promising NFL quarterback. Now that Eli Manning has shown Rex Grossman that drawing the constant ire of fans and the media doesn’t have to end in futility, it’s time to hit the road in search of Chicago’s own super bowls of soup, chili and stew to keep you warm.

Does Chicago Restaurant Week Matter?

Everyone’s been all atwitter regarding Chicago’s impending Restaurant Week Feb 22-29. The idea is 40 “local” restaurants will be offering reasonably priced fixed multi-course menus in an effort to promote and celebrate Chicago’s arrival as a top dining destination. I imagine the promotion’s also supposed to offer consumers a more affordable opportunity to check out the breadth of local spots. I’m all for anything that raises national and local awareness for Chicago’s food treasures, but the restaurant promotion as it is now feels more like a weak publicity stunt on behalf of mostly corporately owned restaurants then a genuine accurate celebration of Chicago food.